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Going to Disneyland todaaaay. Gotta make use of my pass before it’s completely blocked in July. 

Anyone want to para or want to send a starter and I can reply tomorrow? 

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Sorry to be a bit MIA. I got busy this weekend, but I’ll be on later today! :) 

I love you all! 

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Style guide depicting the main characters of Aladdin. The animators designed each one based on a different geometrical shape
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(Not-so-Evil)Planning; Genie&Kuzco


Kuzco had been moping about in his bedroom for days on end. He wanted to make this party better than his last but after he had fired his royal party planner last time one hadn’t been hired. He was in desperate need of a planner since his big bash was coming up and being the emperor and all he had the resources. He had scavenged his kingdom in order for the right party planner but just like the many girls the matchmaker had brought, none seemed to suit his standards.

“I NEED A BUBBLE BATH” he called out into the air as he headed towards his bathroom. As he entered his bathroom, just as he suspected, there stood a fresh bath with bubbles and what appeared to be his favourite drink. With a slight huff he shed his robe and slid into the water. Sitting in thought he recalled one party he had gone to that was put together particularly well though he couldn’t recall a name. “PAGE,” he called as a stubby man ran into the room. “That party I went to, you know the one with the face and the girl… remember that one?” The page simply shook his head. “The one with the baby…” the page remembered the couple and nodded his head. “Yes, I need their party planner. I don’t like to borrow others but I need the best party for all the hottie hot hotties.” “Right away sir,” the stubby man said running off.

Kuzco continued to soak in the bath as he heard a chime ring through the palace and figured it must be the party planner. Jumping out of the tub he dried himself off and had one of the servants dress him as he began to bounce to the throne room. “Party, party party! Party, party, party!” he sang to himself as he seated himself in his chair and awaited for the planner to be shown in.

Ushered in by at least 5 servants, Genie sat in a lush room. He was catered to, offered various bubbly drinks and hors d’oeuvres. He politely accepted just a plate of chicken empenadas and something called Inca Kola, which was very delightful to Genie and tickled his nose, while he sat patiently until he was quickly ushered into the extravagant throne room. The Genie humbly bowed as far as he could as the tallest servant introduced him.

"Your royal highness Kuzco, presenting the Genie of Agrabah!" The servant bowed out and Genie returned his posture. His tone then changed. "Kuuuzco, baby! How ya doin?" The Genie pointed in his direction. "So, what can I do ya for?"

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Joey Richter probably

I love you, for real I do.

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